For those drivers with older classic and historic racing cars, SCCA offers Vintage Racing. These events are a little more gentlemanly than other Road Racing levels because many of the cars may be irreplaceable. 

SCCA Regional Road Racing works on the same rules that the upper levels do, but points series are usually spread through only a few states and tracks. Classes will include all of the Majors and Super Tour classes, but regionals also have the option of allowing more classes to fit the needs of local trends. 

This level - made up of series are typically divided up into regions, but limited to Runoffs-eligible classes. These events tend to be a little more intense, and often drivers are here to match up with the highest competition and to qualify for the champion-crowning SCCA Runoffs. 

Hoosier Super Tour
Hoosier Racing Tire SCCA Super Tour is a Nationwide Points Championship and a gateway to the SCCA National Championship Runoffs and consists of 10 race weekends at 10 premier tracks across the United States.

The 2018 Hoosier Super Tour schedule will run from January to June and offers a heightened experience for both competitors and race fans. Hoosier Super Tour events include live on-track action at, a “Super Tour Radio presented by Hoosier Racing Tire” program, dedicated staffing and enhanced weekend social activities.

The SCCA's crown jewel event is the annual "Runoffs" and serves as a gathering for the top SCCA racers in the country to go head-to-head and prove who is best. 

Pro Racing
SCCA has a long history of professional racing to go along with its amateur ranks. SCCA pro series started with the United States Road Racing Championship, or USRRC, sports cars and along the way have included the ground-pounding Trans Am and 1,100-horsepower Can Am cars.