Those who lend a hand at registration are the ambassadors to SCCA events. "Registrars" make sure entry lists are ready to go before the event, and are the first smiling face people see at the track, helping welcome the rest of their SCCA family to the facility by making sure they get signed in and receive the proper credentials.

Technical Inspection and Scrutineering

Other than the drivers and crew, these SCCA members are the most hands on with the cars. "Tech" inspectors know and understand cars and rules, particularly when it comes to safety.

Before the races, inspectors check over cars and driver gear making sure each are ready for a weekend of fast action. After incidents they inspect cars to see what needs to be repaired, and after each race they help inspect top finishing cars for any potential rule violations in case of a protest.

Timing & Scoring

No one can set a lap record, sit on the pole or win a race without someone there to time cars, count laps and score finishes. Only a few years ago this was done with timing lights, pencil and paper – now the equipment is more computer and transponder based. Whether you're computer savvy or not - there is a place for you in the timing and scoring tower.


These officials are in charge of decisions and procedures, staying on schedule, and they are who make the call for what to do when something goes or someone does wrong. Call these the administrators of an event, making sure that everything stays on task.


Some of the most critical and celebrated moments of a race are starts, restarts, and the famous checkered flag. Before a driver can hear, “GREEN! GREEN! GREEN!” over the radio or drive under the checkered flag, the it's the starter making sure it can happen.


These SCCA officials help drivers line up, be sure they are ready to go, and let them know how long it is before they start their session or race. They are up close with with cars and people and the final step before drivers take to the track.


The eyes of the drivers and officials for those things they can’t see. Known as "flagging and communications," these officials are an additional set of eyes for drivers and stewards, helping with accident response, and reporting what's happening on track by making radio calls.

Corner worker at Texas World Speedway holding up a double yellowIn addition to being a keystone in this important role at SCCA events, IndyCar, IMSA, NASCAR and F1 also use SCCA flagging and communication officials and you can frequently find SCCA members stationed on corner at events like the 24 Hours of Daytona the US Grand Prix, the Canadian Grand Prix, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

. . . and so many more!

Along with the ones mentioned above, there are many more officials in action at SCCA events. Paddock Marshals, Race Chairs, Course Marshals, Sound Control, Emergency Services, Medical officers and more - all pitching in to ensure a safe and smooth event. If there is a person needed at a track, SCCA has a place and is your door to the motorsports world.