Interested in helping with the Road Rally program?

Assisting with the RoadRally program is a great way to meet new people and hang out with friends off the track. There are many ways to become involved in RoadRally events, check out the positions below!

Organizer – Responsible for obtaining SCCA approval for an event along with other administrative activities such as contacting sheriff departments in each county along the rally route. Responsible for Road Rally publicity. Works with the Rally Master to establish the start and end points.

Rally Master – Responsible for laying out the details of the rally route, making up questions, writing the Route Instructions, and working with the Lead and Chase.

Lead Car – Works with the Rally Master to insure that Route Instructions are accurate and clues are valid. Will run the route at least once before the event to fill out the Safety Review form for signature by the Safety Steward. Will depart 30 minutes before the start of a Road Rally to insure that the route is still drivable and that clues are still valid. Will work with the Rally Master in case detours need to be set up along the route.

Chase Car – Works with Rally Master to insure that Route Instructions are accurate and clues are valid. Will leave after the last Rally car and will pick up any detour signs along the route. While waiting, they met participants and take pictures of cars at the rally.

Registrar – This is a position that works a variety of race events besides Road Rallys and thus it takes extra training at those other types of events.

Anyone interested in learning more about RoadRallys or who would be interested in helping with future RoadRallys should contact Ken McElroy at He would like to have a Road Rally class on September 22 to discuss organizing and planning of future RoadRallys.

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