Hedy Lamar Road Rally

The registration table was set up in the old Anderson Grocery Store parking lot next to Jim’s Restaurant at the “Y” (junction of US-290 and Texas 71) in Southwest Austin.  A total of 19 teams took part in this event with four cars for Staff (Lead, Chase, Registrar, and Rallymaster). 

The first car was released at 11:01 and the cars left at approximately 1 minute intervals depending on how fast the last car exited the parking lot. All 19 cars had departed by 11:27 and we had a few members from the local VETMotorposorts group join us.

The highlight of the Rally seems to have been the Luckenbach stop where everyone was supposed to buy a souvenir to show at Mamacita’s during the meal. The lead car said he was so fascinated by that stop that he spent 15 minutes there. Several people said that they spent over 30 minutes there and still wanted to go back.

Mamacita's was generous and had held a room in the back for our whole group. The RoadRally first team arrived at Mamacita’s at 12:25.


  • The First place trophies were awarded to Jan and Rick Jones.
  • The Second place trophies went to Jerry and Dot Centanni. The Centanni's They were the winners of the 16 June Geronimo Road Rally.
  • There was a tie for third and fourth place! To decide who got which place, they were asked to say how many cattle guards they passed over on this road rally. One team answered 14 and the other answered 16 cattle guards--16 cattle guards was the correct number! Third place was awarded to David and his navigator, Sean Omlaw and fourth place was awarded to Andrew and his navigator, Ethan Chaffee.
  • The Youngest Participant Award went to Sam Holland’s delightful son, Hayden.
  • The Unique Car Award went to David Grimshaw and his 1968 Saab.
  • The Participant from Afar Award was given to Ken and Nancy Morris of Houston.
  • The final award of the evening was given to Mamacita's for being such a gracious host, giving us private room, and being so accommodating for our rather large group!

1 thought on “Hedy Lamar Road Rally”

  1. Awesome event!!!
    I loved it!
    And I’m an old “Motorhead” that loves racing and ” hot rods”, didn’t realize how much fun you can have in cars going slow! ?
    Anyway, if you never participated in a Rally, I highly recommend you check it out.
    Thanks SCCA !

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